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What is cloaking and why it can be useful?

Cloaking is a trick that appeared way back in ancient times. It is a trick during which a person sees one object, but in fact this object is something else. Cloaking is an optical illusion. The tricks of such type can be used for various purposes, mostly for good ones.

Drawing a parallel, we will tell you how you can use modern cloaking technologies in an online environment for promotional purposes.

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The basic principle: to show safely any page at your discretion to users who click your ad.

You can safely sort landing pages, pages, websites, achieving the best result, while maintaining the same approved page for the ad network. You can also add “tricky” words to the content to improve the result.

You have probably wondered that it is better to show just a selling landing page for a user without unnecessary details than a useless informative website that an advertising network requires. This is where cloaking comes to the rescue.

We have created Brilliant Cloaking for your needs for good purposes.

Brilliant Cloaking help businesses retain ads and websites as reliably as possible using real-time algorithmic calculations, saving time and money, and ensuring the ad campaigns are more efficient and effective.

If you are already interested, you can always try cloaking from Brilliant Cloaking with a free subscription for 7 days, test all the features and decide for yourself whether you need this technology.

Brilliant Cloaking is a modern solution for businesses that want to make their advertising channels work better. They untangle traffic and filter out useless clicks, making the brand’s advertising campaign more profitable. Their cutting-edge AI algorithm considers each network's specificities, so clients don't have to. Set and forget - they will work in the background without making clients worry about their ads or websites being blocked or reliably generating traffic while filtering out all unnecessary connections, clicks, and requests.

Main advantages of

  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Click Log
  • PHP integration
  • WordPress plugin
  • API access
  • Real-time stats
  • Free installation help
  • Extremely Fast Checks
  • Paid Databases for Accuracy
  • Ability to Process Tens of millions of Visitors Per Day
  • Unlimited Users Support thru tickets
  • Data Privacy
  • Accepting Cryptocurrency
  • Concurent prices

In this digital arena, advertising and PPC marketing is a must for every small or big business to stand out from the crowd, gain content views and drive more sales. Here Brilliant Cloaking comes to the rescue.

They are a team of professionals engaged in developing ad blocking bypassing software. They are here to help brands promote their business and maintain their websites in advertising networks as efficiently as possible. This leads to the most reliable statistics regarding ads and their effectiveness, and users can track everything in real-time.

We offer a trial subscription for 7 days without registration fee. If you decide to test our technology, please follow the link to the main site: